Before is a result-driven B2B content marketing agency in the US.


Content Strategy

We'll examine your business and identify your ideal customer personas. Through that analysis our team will present you with a content roadmap. Inside your roadmap will contain the highlights for what we should target, why, and what the potential outcome could be in terms of ROI.

Content Creation

We write thoughtful, well-researched, high-quality content that ranks. You don't need backlinks. Or rely on an SEO guru. We have proven, repeatable results that we're happy to share with you in advance of our proposal.


As part of our efforts, our team would be happy to publish the content and create comprehensive interlinking strategies that assist Google and other search crawlers in finding your SaaS content quicker.

Measurable Results

We'll work closely with you to ensure that our systems are producing repeatable results. Receive monthly or quarterly report. We don't simply write and publish. Our team is focused on driving growth for your SaaS business. More traffic equals more potential customers. On average, our team generates a 2X multiple in terms of your initial investment.

And given the length of time our evergreen content is alive for, commonly we see 12X returns from our staff. And get a content health check that reviews how our services are assisting in your overall growth and business strategy.

Quality content for SaaS brands. Increase the velocity of your inbound leads. Our content team will asses your lead generation strategy, design a content strategy that fits your target audience, execute B2B content, and create demand generation for your business.

The right agency for SaaS

A digital marketing agency isn't the right choice for your content needs. We don't focus on vanity metrics. Our core KPIs are inbound visitors from organic search and inbound lead generation.

Other B2B content marketing agencies don't guarantee results. We do.

Generating qualified leads

Our content strategies begin at around $10,000 per month. On average, our customers see a 2X return and more than a 12X return on investment annually. Why is this? Content marketing that focuses on long-term value creation is evergreen. It will continue to pay dividends for your business even after our work is complete.

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What types of marketing do we focus on?

Email marketing

Create repeatable touch points with prospects or lost leads. Use thought leadership as a marketing strategy and bring awareness to your new features or business improvements.

Social media marketing

Unfortunately, we don't focus on this content marketing strategy. Why is that? Social media marketing doesn't convert leads like resourceful content does through organic search.

Most commonly, customers of yours will be more inclined to try your SaaS product when they're on their desktop and when they find you through Google, Bing, Yahoo, or DuckDuckGo.

Marketing automation

Let us help you turn your organic search customers into retargeting prospects. If you're looking for paid or PPC retargeting ideas, please inquire with our business partners about this opportunity.

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