May 27, 2022

How Web Design Impacts Content Marketing (2022 Guide)

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Last updated:
May 27, 2022

Here's how web design impacts content marketing efforts. As a digital marketer, you're probably wondering how web design affects your content marketing strategy. A good web design can help you capture your visitor's attention, making your content accessible, readable, and visually appealing.

These elements have a direct impact on your visitors' impression of your brand and website, and ultimately, their conversions and dwell time. Here are five ways that web design affects content marketing success.

Visual elements increase engagement

A large image with a header at the top of your content page is the industry standard. Studies have shown that users spend twice as long on the first screen when an image is present.

When creating an article cover image, choose something that supports the story, aligns with your brand, and stands out from others.

Aside from the obvious reasons, visuals can increase your conversion rate. Read on to learn how to maximize the impact of your cover image.

Imagery, videos, and more

Before creating content containing visuals, research should be performed to determine the distribution channels that are appropriate for your audience. Generally, video content is better received than text-only content.

It also generates more engagement than text-only content. The goal should be to increase sales by increasing website traffic, client retention, and revenue.

Using images is an excellent way to achieve all of these goals. To make sure your audience is seeing and enjoying the content you create, use images and videos.

how web design impacts content marketing efforts
How web design impacts content marketing strategies and efforts

Creating visually engaging elements helps with impact

The right visuals can be the difference between success and failure. Adding relevant images to content can increase views by 94%, while tweets with images get 18% more clicksand 150% more retweets.

For social media, images can generate three times more comments than posts without any. The right visuals can also help you generate leads and convert visitors. With all these benefits in mind, visuals are essential for content marketing.

Website readability

Your content must be written for the audience you are trying to reach. It should be at an appropriate reading level, so that the average adult reader can understand it. For example, college professors should aim to have their material written at a grade twelve reading level.

Although there are tips for writers of more complex material, you'll benefit from learning about readability in general. All writers should write in a language your audience understands.

how web designers can help drive content marketing success
How web design can impact content marketing and drive your audience to convert

More than a blog post, make it a resource

In addition to SEO, readability also influences your content's ranking. The lower the readability, the higher your bounce rate will be, and Google notices this.

Improved readability not only keeps your readers on your website, but it also improves your content's rankings in search engines.

Readability is an essential part of content marketing and will affect the effectiveness of your campaign. But how do you increase your content's readability?

Readability makes your digital marketing strategy have impact

First, use simple fonts. Simple fonts are easier to scan than densely packed, complex sentences. Standard font sizes and spacing also work best. Using nonstandard font sizes can make your content unreadable. A good rule of thumb is 16 pixels.

Make sure to use a standard font size, as it's more comfortable for readers to read it. You don't want to overwhelm your audience with too much information, but if the content is well-formatted, it will convert more visitors.

create a great first impression through good web design
Use the right layouts with your web design to create a mobile friendly blog post format

Navigation ease

There are several factors that influence the effectiveness of content marketing, but one that often goes unnoticed is navigation ease. Ease of navigation directly translates to a better UX for website visitors. Visitors who find the navigation process easy are more likely to stick around and read more content.

In addition, improved navigation allows visitors to move through your sales funnel and continue to engage with your content. Keeping your visitors engaged is critical for SEO efforts, since this leads to increased lead generation. Avoid complex drop down menus.


Creating visual contents for your website is crucial for boosting website traffic and audience engagement. As content marketing strategies are changing, it is imperative that you don't underestimate the importance of web design.

The success of your content depends on its platform, and your website is the most authoritative of all.

This means that you must pay close attention to the design principles. Listed below are some important things to keep in mind while designing your website.

Content friendly site using easy to read fonts

Web design affects content marketing in four ways. A poorly designed website will discourage visitors from engaging with your content.

Whether your design is cluttered or an elaborate thesis, users will be deterred from reading and clicking.

A good web design is a visual fly, which attracts visitors to click on it. If your design is dated, it will be difficult to attract new users. However, a well-designed website can provide a competitive advantage.

Choosing the right typography can make a significant difference

Typography and fonts are important elements of web design. Your font choice will convey a certain tone of your writing, your target persona, or other attributes of your content.

Make sure that your chosen font is legible. You don't want your audience to have to strain to read your text.

Regardless of the font you choose, you should make it easy to read. Use fonts that are easy to read on small screens. This is essential in today's age of visual content.

White space

You may have heard about the importance of white space, but do you know how it affects content marketing? Whitespace is the space between smaller elements, such as fonts, logos, and images.

It provides an uncluttered, simple look and feel, and is also useful for creating moods and making your content easier to read.

Consider how the Oculus landing page uses white space to sell its product without using too much information. The page uses a compelling photo, clear copy, a call to action, and just enough whitespace to lead users to the conversion point.

Increase excitement of your content marketing efforts

Whitespace creates a feeling of excitement, which can encourage potential customers to purchase your products. It declutters your screen and streamlines the user's journey. If your content is cluttered, it's time to reassess your design.

Instead of using too much copy, focus on a few key elements that will pique interest. Don't cram your content into a tiny space!

Focus on being a valuable resource

Using white space on your website can help you increase sales by removing distractions. For example, a website that promotes the production of butylene glycol is unlikely to generate much traffic, but the company makes excellent use of white space.

This space allows visitors to get more out of your content. In addition, it can help you build a better brand image. It's a proven marketing strategy.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

While SEO and content marketing work hand-in-hand, they aren't mutually exclusive. Your web design affects your content marketing strategy in four major ways. First, a poorly designed site discourages visitors from reading your content.

A mini-thesis design, for example, isn't going to draw people in. The second way, however, is that poor web design makes it difficult to convert visitors into customers.

Creating a visually appealing page for inbound visitors

In addition to maximizing your content promotion efforts, a good website design also helps you store information and create a visually appealing page.

Web design affects your audience's perception of your brand and its message, as well as their conversion and dwell time. So, if you want to succeed in content marketing, consider redesigning your website.

Building trust of your brand through SEO and web design

Consistency builds trust. When people trust your brand, they're more likely to buy your products and make a purchase. To build that trust, web design should be consistent throughout your content.

The colors should be consistent throughout all pages and your logo must be presented in a familiar way. Websites with visual consistency will attract a loyal customer base over time. So, take a look at these four ways to boost your web design and content marketing.

Grabbing the attention of your inbound visitors

Your web design grabs the attention of your visitors. It affects your brand's image, which affects conversions and length of stay.

If you focus solely on copywriting and forget the marketing aspect of it, your content will become useless.

In addition, if you focus on just one of these two things, you'll lose balance and fail to implement your business strategy. But it's important to remember that both are critical to your overall success.

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